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And Your Random Activity Is…

Yawn-Sigh Technique Activity


Description: The yawn-sigh technique is often used in voice therapy to help reduce vocal tension and teach the "easy onset" strategy.  It's also great for fluency when the client is using extra tension and needs to ease into words.  Advise your client to think about relaxing his throat before this activity.  First, have the client yawn 10 times.  Have him/her think about relaxing the mouth and throat while doing this.  Next, have the client yawn 10 more times but this time, have him/her make a gentle sigh noise afterwards.  After that, you can give the client a list of /h/ initial words.  Have the client do the yawn sigh before each one and then stretch out the /h/ to ease into the word.  Finally, once the client is good at that, you can try the same with words that start with vowels.  Have the client do the yawn sigh at the beginning and let them know that it's ok to use a bit of the /h/ at the beginning.

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