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Nasal vs. Oral Airflow Activity


Description: For this one you'll need a mirror.  This activity is perfect for children who need help understanding when airflow is coming through their nose and when it's coming through their mouth.  Here are the steps:

  1. Get a small glass mirror and place it directly under the child’s nose. Make sure the reflective mirror part is right under the child’s nostrils, facing up. The edge of the mirror should be touching the child’s face right below the nose.
  2. Have the child say the a list of words that contain nasal sounds. You can use a worksheet like the one above, or you can make your own list.  With this first set of words, the mirror should fog up a little right below the nostrils. Help the child see that it fogged up and tell him/her that means that air came through the nose.
  3. Now give the child a list of words that contain no nasal sounds at all.  On this second set of words, there should be no fog on the mirror. Show the child the mirror after each word and see if the child can say the word without fogging up the mirror.  You can show them with your own nose how it should look.

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