Random Voice/Resonance Activity Generator

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High/Low/Normal Pitch Activity for Prosody


Description: This activity is great for children who are using inappropriate pitch or prosody.  The first step of helping them improve their pitch is to help them understand the difference between high pitch, low pitch, and normal.  For this activity, you'll need pictures to represent high, normal, and low pitch.  You can access our worksheet like you see above in the membership (see the link below) or make your own.  Make sure you have plenty of spots for the trials, like we have stars above.

Start by making your own speech high on a single word or short sentence. Then, ask the child “did that sound high or low?”. Help the child identify that it was high and then color in one of the stars under “high”. Practice having him/her identify when you say something high, low, or normally. Once the child is able to do this, you can work on identifying it in his/her own speech during simple activities like playing go fish or using sentences to describe pictures in a book. You can also talk about what other sounds are high or low using this same format.

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