About The SLP Solution

Our mission is to improve the field of speech-language pathology by providing solutions to the problems that speech-language pathologists face through our resources, tools, and trainings.  We are excited to bring you an amazing membership that houses all of our solutions and resources for fellow speech-language pathologists!

About Carrie

Carrie Clark, MA CCC-SLP

Pediatric SLP

Carrie Clark is the founder and owner of Speech and Language Kids, a website that is focused on the pediatric side of speech-language pathology. Carrie’s super power is taking complex topic and breaking them down into easy-to-follow step-by-step plans.  She also loves the challenge of trying to solve a problem.  Through her membership program at The SLP Solution, Carrie is able to help thousands of speech-language pathologists by digging through the research on various speech-language pathology topics or therapies and creating quick and simple resources that break it all down.  Carrie and her team of mentors further support their members by answering questions in the exclusive member groups and brainstorming ideas and solutions for tough cases and situations.

While Carrie loves being able to help so many SLPs individually, she is also passionate about coming up with ways to help the profession as a whole.  She’s still not sure exactly how to go about that, but she knows that she has a tremendous opportunity to improve our profession and she intends to take advantage of that opportunity in whatever way she can!


Carrie doesn’t do this alone!  Check out our other amazing mentors who help out in answering question, giving advice, and presenting webinars!