Random "SLPs After Work" Activity Generator

The work day is over!  It’s time to decompress!!  But what do SLPs do for fun?  Don’t worry, we have you covered.  Not only do we have a full database of “Random Therapy Activity Generators“, we can also generate a random after-work activity for you and your SLP coworkers.  So sit back and enjoy your activity.  If you don’t like this one, you can always hit the “See a new activity” button at the bottom of the page.

And Your Random Activity Is…

Tracking Diadochokinetic Rate Following Subsequent Glasses of Wine Activity


Description: This activity is best done after business hours and with a group of fellow SLPs.  Everyone else will just think you're weird.  Especially your boss.  For this activity, you'll start by measuring your diadochokinetic rate for repetitions of "puh", "tuh", "kuh", and "putukuh".  I suggest charting them on a piece of graph paper.  Next, have a glass of wine.  You can go as fast or as slow as you would like; this is intended to be a leisurely research study.  After one glass of wine, track your diadochokinetic rate again.  Has it changed?  Chart it down and your graph paper and order another round for the table!  Keep drinking and charting until a nice pattern emerges on your graph paper.

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