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Main Activity and Supporting Details Activity


Description: Let's work on identifying main ideas and supporting details!  I like to start main idea with pictures.  Show a picture of an apple and say "what's the main idea of this picture".  Well, the main idea is apple.  Simple enough.  Now, show a picture of a football game and ask the same thing.  The main idea now is a football game, but they have to piece that together by looking at the details in the picture.  Once they have an understanding of what main idea even means, then you can go on to something like this worksheet where you identify main idea and details in sentences.  I like to have the children circle the main idea and underline any details.  For example, in the sentence "Apples are my favorite food", I would circle "apples" as the main idea and I would underline "are my favorite food" as a supporting detail.  You can gradually work your way up to identifying the main idea and supporting details of short paragraphs and longer passages.  You can write your own sentences, paragraphs, and passages or use our pre-made ones here.

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