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Gender-Specific Pronouns Activity


Description: Do your clients struggle with "he" and "she" or "his" and "her"?  For this one, you'll need a picture of a boy, a picture of a girl, and pictures of a bunch of random stuff.  You can set this up to work on whichever gender-specific pronouns you need.  For the example above, I was targeting his and her.  For each object, we would describe if it was "his ___" or "her ___".  We would start simple by just saying "his apple, her ball", etc.  Then, we worked up to full sentences like "That's his apple" or "She wants her ball".  Eventually, we work it into conversational speech as well.  For "he" and "she", you could switch it to "He has a ___" or "She wants a ___".  You could even work on "him" and "her" by saying "Give the apple him" or "Show the ball to her".  And if you really want to get crazy, throw in some "them"s and "they"s!

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