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Improving Chewing in Toddlers Activity


Description: Looking for ways to improve chewing skills in toddlers?  Try these four strategies:

  • Diet Modifications: Making changes to the type of bolus presented, as well as the types of utensils used, and the amount of food presented, can help a ton!  Try different modifications to look for situations that make it easier for the child to practice better chewing skills.
  • Behavioral Modifications: Use visuals and verbal cues/prompting to help the child understand what "good chewing" is and practice it.
  • Positioning Modifications: Try different positions for the child's head, neck, and torso that promote the natural backward flow of food to the swallowing phase, but not too fast.
  • Oral Motor Therapies: Alert the mouth prior to bolus introduction with temperatures, textures, vibrations, etc.
You can watch a video explanation of these techniques by clicking the link below:

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