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Speech Sound Warm-Up Activity


Description:  Need an alternative to non-speech oral motor exercises (NSOMEs)?  Research has shown that working on NSOMEs doesn't actually improve speech production.  However, I know a lot of SLPs like to use them because they serve as a great warm-up to get the child's attention focused on speech.  So, let's try this instead!  Research HAS shown that working on speech sound stimulability (sounds in isolation) DOES improve speech sound production.  So instead of warming up with tongue exercises, have the child practice saying all of the sounds in isolation.  On our speech warm-up above, we've also included a space where you can write a vowel with dry erase marker (if you laminate it) so that you can help the child pair each consonant with the vowel in the middle.  We've also arranged the sounds in relative order of developmental difficulty (earlier-developing sounds are fist).  For this one, you could right "ah" in the middle and help the child say "nah, mah, pah, hah," etc.  This is a great way to get the speech mechanism primed for work while doing a task that is shown to improve speech production.  Download our speech sound warm up by clicking the link below, or make your own!

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