Review: The Marshalla Guide

What Is The Marshalla Guide

The culmination of Pam Marshalla’s life work!  Pam’s guide gives practical therapy strategies and ideas for working on every type of articulation, motor speech, and oral motor skill.

Our Rating:

Highly Recommended!

How Will it Make My Job Easier?

Overall Job Improvement Score:

Reduces Stress
Saves Time
A Little
Boosts Your Knowledge/Confidence
A Lot
Helps with Planning/Prep Work
A Little
Helps with Paperwork
Improves Quality of Therapy
A Lot

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What Carrie Thinks:

Holy Smokes! I am blown away by this book. It is phenomenal! This book is the culmination of Pam Marshalla's life work and it shows. It seems to me that Pam has covered how to treat every possible speech or oral motor problem you could ever come across. This book is packed full of amazing therapy tricks, tips, and techniques that are sure to get your client un-stuck in a hurry.

I especially love the part where she goes through each sound in the English language and gives MANY strategies for how to elicit and teach each one. She also goes into this level of detail for every other motor speech and oral motor problem you might encounter. I just love the depth and breadth of therapy ideas presented in this book.

I am sure that this book will soon be a required text for all speech-language pathology students and I don't think it will be long before you also see it on every bookshelf of every speech-language professional around the world. It is truly that amazing and I am thrilled to be able to share it with all of you!
Carrie Clark, CCC-SLP
Founder, SLP Solution


The Marshalla Guide presents the state of the art in articulation and motor speech therapy and summarizes methods developed through the ages combined with modern-day speech science research. This book represents Pam’s personal perspective on therapy after 40 years of experience and is grounded in the insights of Charles Van Riper.

The material found within The Marshalla Guide is applicable to clients of all ages and ability levels, from those with mild single-phoneme errors to those with severe motor speech disorders, and even those who are non-verbal and nearly non-vocal.

This monstrous book (490 pages) is organized by topic, fully indexed and arranged for easy reference. It includes a cornucopia of ideas from a vast array of resources, both clinical and research-based. The Marshalla Guide includes nearly 500 references as well as a supplemental bibliography of nearly equal length. Research summaries are present throughout the manual to support ideas for the evidence-based practice, yet this volume also represents what clinicians do despite serious gaps in research.

The Marshalla Guide imparts to professional speech-language pathologists a great understanding of the art of speech pathology and empowers them with countless strategies and approaches which can be immediately employed with their current speech clients.

This book is perfect for speech-language pathologists and other speech-language professionals who work with children two years of age and older on articulation, motor speech, and/or oral motor.  It is also perfect for speech-language pathology students.

What Is It?

Overview & Purpose

The purpose of The Marshalla Guide is to describe, categorize, and set into historic perspective all reported methods of training speech movements in light of modern research. The Marshalla Guide is a book by a clinician for clinicians. It is an expression of the author’s four decades of therapy experiences integrated with the evidence of modern research. It represents a lifelong obsession with speech movement––how it is organized, how it breaks down, how it can be assessed, and, most importantly, how speech movement errors can be remediated.

This manual is a very personal account that would be written in different ways by different writers. It contains a cornucopia of ideas from a vast array of resources. The material is appropriate for clients of all ages and ability levels, and to all levels of expressive output, from those who produce no phonemes at all to those who have minor single-phoneme errors.

Nearly 1000 references have been studied in the preparation of this manual including textbooks, research articles, seminar handouts, lectures, and therapy manuals that span the ages. Methods are organized by topics relevant to selected areas of articulation and motor speech training. This book is about the movements of speech sound production (phonetics); it is not about the ways in which fully formed phonemes are used within our language (phonology).

The Marshalla Guide will help professional speech-language pathologists love speech training as much as Van Riper did in his time and as much as I have in mine. The research community will use this manual to understand the types of information that practicing therapists still need.

Pam Marshalla, MA, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
June 2015


Topics Covered:

 PART ONE: Traditional Approaches
  1. Traditional Articulation and Motor Speech Training
  2. Helping Clients Who Mumble and Slur
  3. Making Speech Units Salient
  4. Using the Ear to Teach Speech Movements
  5. Teaching Speech Movements with Cues
  6. The Motokinesthetic Method
  7. Encouraging Breath Support
  8. Balancing Oral and Nasal Resonance
  9. Traditional Speech Movement Techniques

PART TWO: Speech is Movement

  1. Principles of Movement Development
  2. Encouraging Jaw Oscillation for the CV
  3. Facilitating Lip and Cheek Movement
  4. Facilitating Tongue Movements
  5. The Critical Role of Oral Stability
  6. Oral Perception and Speech Movement Learning
  7. Normalizing Oral-Tactile Sensitivity
  8. The Speech Reflexes
  9. Eating, Swallowing, and Orofacial Myofunctional Methods
  10. The Tools of Speech Movement Training

PART THREE: Vowels, Consonants, and Metaphonological Foundations

  1. Foundational Pre-speech Platforms
  2. Teaching Vowels and Diphthongs
  3. Stimulating the Stop Consonants
  4. Stimulating the Nasal Consonants
  5. Stimulating the Glide Consonants
  6. Stimulating the Fricated Consonants
  7. Low Cognition and Intelligibility



Incredible!  Very high quality!  The book is beautiful with amazing pictures that are clear and incredibly helpful.  The book is well made and, of course, the content is also very high quality.  The therapy techniques are wonderful and cover such a broad range of topics and problems that any clinician would find this guide invaluable.


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The Marshalla Speech and Language Company is now run by Pam’s daughter, Shanti McGinley, who also illustrated and published the book for her mother.  I have had no difficulty working with them in any capacity.  They are a delightful company to work with!

This is a brand new book and most people haven’t received copies yet!  I was honored by receiving an advance copy to review so I could share it with all of you!  Keep an eye out for more reviews as they start coming in!

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How Will This Improve My Job?

Overall Job Improvement Score:

What Does This Number Mean?  

Here at The SLP Solution, we’re all about keeping it real and helping make your job a little easier.  So we include a “job improvement rating” with every review that we do.  For reference, a score of zero would mean that it doesn’t really improve the quality of your job any, but it may still be fun to have.  A score of 100 would be the equivalent of hiring someone else to do your job for you while you sipped piña coladas  on the beach.  We’ll let you know when we find a product like that!  Check out how The Marshalla Guide can improve your job below:

Reduces Stress

Not knowing how to help a child who is stuck on a sound is extremely stressful!  This book is going to help with that.  You still have to sort through the exercises and activities in this book and figure out which strategies to try, so I won’t say it magically makes your stress disappear.  But having a large bank of strategies to pull from and try will make this whole process much less stressful, at least for speech sounds and oral motor skills!  (You’re still on your own for language and other communication skills)

Helps with Planning/Prep Work

Part of your planning is definitely choosing strategies to try.  While this book won’t do the prep work for you, it will give you a ton of great activities to pull from when it’s time to plan your sessions.

Saves Time
A Little

This book will still require you to spend time browsing through strategies and choosing activities to try. But having all of those activities and strategies all in the same place will save you a little bit of time on that part.  Finding everything you need in one book is golden in our age of searching for everything on Google (with questionable results sometimes).  Plus, you don’t have to waste time digging through the research to figure out if what you’re trying is research-based.  Pam’s already done that part for you.

Helps with Paperwork

We’re always looking for hacks and tools to help us with our paperwork.  Well, this book isn’t going to do that for you.  It’s more focused on the therapy aspect.

Boosts Your Knowledge/Confidence
A Lot

You better believe that you are going to feel armed and ready when it comes to treating your articulation and motor speech clients.  This book will boost your knowledge and help you feel confident that you have enough strategies to try if a child gets stuck.  I feel that this is where this book really excels.  You’ll know how to treat just about any articulation or motor speech problem that comes your way and you’ll feel confident that what you’re doing is backed by research.


Improves Quality of Therapy
A Lot

When we have more strategies to try and when those strategies are backed by research, we’re more likely to see faster progress in therapy and to see that our therapy is more effective.  This book will definitely improve your quality.  The only reason this score isn’t higher is because it doesn’t do that for every aspect of our scope.  This book only focuses on articulation and oral motor.  But the quality of THAT part of your therapy will definitely improve.

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