Review: Everyday Speech Curriculum and Videos

What is Everyday Speech?

It started as a library of videos you could show your clients to help them learn social-emotional skills in a video-modeling type activity.  Now, it’s a full-blown social-emotional curriculum and platform with lesson plans, games, worksheets, and of course, videos.

Our Rating:

Highly Recommended!

How Will it Make My Job Easier?

Overall Job Improvement Score:

Reduces Stress
Saves Time
Quite a Bit
Boosts Your Knowledge/Confidence
Helps with Planning/Prep Work
Quite a Bit
Helps with Paperwork
Improves Quality of Therapy
Quite a Bit

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What Carrie Thinks:

"I am in LOVE with these social skills videos and lessons over at Everyday Speech! Social-emotional skills are so hard to teach when you’re just explaining it to a child. It is so much easier when you can show it. I love these videos because not only do they show you the expected and non-expected behavior, they also explain it and break it down. The videos will stop in the middle of a social interaction and tell you what each person in the interaction is thinking or feeling. This helps our clients understand WHY it is important for them to use the skill appropriately.

The videos will also problem solve for how the interaction went wrong, why, and what can be done differently. Then, they show you the same interaction when done correctly. SO great! And their new curriculum is just icing on the cake! Not only do you have the video modeling videos to use, you also have a full curriculum that will walk you through what to do and give you games and activities in addition to the videos. LOVE IT!!"
Carrie Clark, CCC-SLP
Founder, SLP Solution


Everyday Speech has a huge library of high-quality videos that you can show your clients to help them learn various social-emotional skills.  The videos work great for video-modeling as they show actual children engaging in various interactions and they show what everyone is thinking and feeling (for better or worse).  They also show the children using actual strategies and break down how they are done.  

In addition to the videos themselves, the site is also arranged in a very cool social-emotional curriculum way.  You can sort through the skills by age group (preschool through high school) or by topic.  Each topic has individual lessons, worksheets, videos, games, and more!  It really is everything you need to teach these social-emotional skills. 

This service is for speech-language professionals who work with children from preschool up through high school.  They have different levels of videos and activities for the different age groups.

What Is It?

A full social-emotional curriculum with videos, worksheets, activities, games, lesson plans, and more.

Topics Covered:

  • Conversation Topics
  • Self-Regulation
  • School Rules
  • Problem Solving
  • Basic Conversation Skills
  • Advanced Conversation Skills
  • Situational Awareness
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Perspective Taking
  • Friendship
  • Self-Esteem
  • Behaviors
  • Emotional Recognition
  • Hygiene
  • Play Skills


These videos and materials are incredibly high quality!  Some of the older videos are little less robust than the new ones in that they don’t have as many animations and sidebar commentaries, but they are still great!  I just like the newer ones the best.  And the games, worksheets, and activities are great too!  


Everyday Speech comes with an automatic 30-day free trial and has the following subscription prices after that: 

  • Videos Only: $14.99/month or $99.99/year
  • Full Curriculum: $25/month or $199.99/year

Everyday Speech has been gracious enough to grant all of the members at The SLP Solution 10% off your first year in either annual plan!  To claim your 10% discount, become a member!

How to Purchase:

You can subscribe to this service at  

How is it Delivered?

You will have instant access to the platform as soon as you sign up.  Need a video for therapy in an hour?  No problem!

Refund Policy: 

There is no refund policy on this because you automatically get a 30-day free trial when you sign up.  If you’re not happy, simply cancel before your 30 days is up.

Everyday Speech has a knowledge base of information you can use for support in the moment.  Plus, they have chat support where you can leave a message if they’re not available and you can email them through the website.  

Teachers Pay Teachers Ratings: 4.0/4.0 Stars (75 votes)

App Store Ratings (for the App Version): 4.9/5 Stars (125 Ratings)

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How Will This Improve My Job?

Overall Job Improvement Score:

What Does This Number Mean?  

Here at The SLP Solution, we’re all about keeping it real and helping make your job a little easier.  So we include a “job improvement rating” with every review that we do.  For reference, a score of zero would mean that it doesn’t really improve the quality of your job any, but it may still be fun to have.  A score of 100 would be the equivalent of hiring someone else to do your job for you while you sipped piña coladas on the beach.  We’ll let you know when we find a product like that!  Check out how Everyday Speech Curriculum and Videos can improve your job below:

Reduces Stress

Having high-quality, engaging materials to teach your clients social-emotional skills will definitely reduce your stress!  The only reason this score isn’t higher is because it only focuses on social-emotional, not everything else we do, as well.  But if you only treat social-emotional, than this score would be much higher!  These resources will reduce your stress A LOT when it comes to treating social-emotional skills.

Helps with Planning/Prep Work
Quite a Bit

How much of your planning and prep work is gather resources and visual aids to use to teach skills?  Well, this curriculum is going to take care of all of that for the social-emotional skills they teach.  You’ll have everything you need at your fingertips with no prepping or organizing necessary.

Saves Time
Quite a Bit

Not having to create your own video modeling videos or social stories will save you a TON of time when treating social-emotional skills.  Plus, you’re not having to plan out a whole curriculum or gather worksheets and games, it’s all made for you!  And their easy website navigation will save you time on finding what you need.

Helps with Paperwork

This isn’t a paperwork or report-writing tool so we can’t give them a score in this area.  But there is still a chance that this resource WILL help you with your paperwork, as you’ll have a better picture of how you’ll be teaching and tracking the child’s performance.

Boosts Your Knowledge/Confidence

Have you ever realized that a child had a deficit in a certain area but not known how to to teach it?  This curriculum will help with that!  Their simply-designed lessons will help you see exactly how to teach these skills and give you the resources to do it.  But again, this will only help you with your social-emotional skills (which is why the score isn’t higher).

Improves Quality of Therapy
Quite a Bit

Having high-quality videos that you can use to demonstrate and dissect skills is SURE to improve the quality of your therapy sessions!  Plus, you’ll know that the activities you’re using are based on evidence-based research.  You still need to know how to troubleshoot and help the children when they get stuck, but these resources will help a ton!

How to Get 10% Off:

Cal over at Everyday Speech has graciously agreed to give all of our members 10% off their first year of any annual subscription.  To get your 10% off, click the button below to become a member: 

Disclosure: Carrie Clark and The SLP Solution received a free subscription from Everyday Speech for use in this review.  No other financial relationship exists.