Introducing New Food Textures Activity

Introducing New Food Textures Activity




Description: Do you have a client who is resistant to eating a variety of textures?  If you need to introduce a new texture, try these strategies:

  • Texture Approximations: Start with a texture that the child can tolerate and gradually mix more and more of the new texture in.  Start slow, these children can be super sensitive!
  • Use Helper Foods: Add new textured foods to a food that the child already likes, such as dipping a preferred food in a new texture
  • Alter the Environment: Remove extra sensory input (like a distracting, noisy cafeteria) and make it as calm and comfortable as possible
  • Food Exploration: Let’s forget eating it for a minute.  Try some fun ways the child can explore the food without having to eat it just yet, such as finger painting with pudding!

You can watch a video explanation of these techniques by clicking the link below:

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