The Future of Speech-Language Pathology:

Flexible-Location Therapy

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Coronavirus Isn't Gone Yet

As much as we may hate to admit it, Coronavirus isn’t gone yet.  Hopefully we have mitigated a lot of risk but until we have a vaccine or a cure and we’re able to provide enough people with access to it, we’re going to be dealing with Coronavirus.  No one knows for sure exactly what will happen over the next 12 months, but here’s what is possible: 

  • Coronavirus may spike and fade in specific areas over time
  • Because of these spikes, schools and clinics may need to close periodically to get the outbreak back under control
  •  In order to keep the disease under control, schools and clinics may still have to follow social distancing and use hybrid online/in-person approaches to education
  • On top of all of that, we often serve high-risk clients, which means that some of our clients may not be able to attend therapy in person due to health concerns
  • Everyone is stressed out….stress = higher risk of regression and learning difficulties
So what’s a speech-language pathologist to do??  How do we deal with all of this uncertainty without losing our minds?  

The Answer is "Flexible-Location Therapy"

Chances are good that many of us will be going in and out of lock-down over and over again before this is all over.  We as speech-language professionals need to be able to seamlessly switch between in-person therapy and teletherapy or distance learning.  But we also need to be able to do that without losing our minds.

Flexible-Location Therapy (1)

We need to be able to...

  • Easily switch back and forth between in-person and teletherapy or distance learning
  • Switch without much notice as the situation changes
  • Switch for specific clients as their health concerns change
  • Adapt what we're working on as the clients' skill levels change
  • Prioritize connections with our clients and families
  • Make this sustainable so we maintain our OWN mental health

How Can We Do This???

SIMPLIFY!  What we’re doing right now isn’t sustainable.  We’ve all tried to take exactly what we were doing before and replicate it online.  That’s not the best way to serve ourselves or serve our clients.  We need to come up with an entirely new way of doing therapy.  And that means simplifying and streamlining to make this more sustainable.

How to Make this Sustainable: 

  • Have one set of “stimulus” therapy materials that you use over and over again every session – this should be digitized on a cloud-based server that you can access on any computer
  • Have different reinforcer (fun) activities that you can do online or in-person.
  • During each session, use your stimulus material for drill and your reinforcer activities for fun.  The stimulus material will stay the same during every session, regardless of setting.  This will simplify your life and keep things consistent for your clients.

This Summer: Get Set Up for Flexible-Location Therapy!

Are you ready to get started with this?  The SLP Solution is hosting a Summer Reset starting mid-June 2020 to help you get set up to do Flexible-Location Therapy.  Here’s what we’re doing this Summer to help you get ready to hit the ground running this Fall: 

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  • 6-Week Summer Reset: We’ll walk you through this and give you everything you need to be set up (For paid members only)
  • Other Free Content: We’ll be putting out more free content on the website to help you get ready for this new type of therapy (Free for everyone)