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Pediatric SLPs

The Speech Therapy Solution Membership

$ 25 monthly
  • Resources, Support, and Training for Pediatric SLPs

All-In-One Articulation Program
and Materials Kit

$ 39
  • For children who are having trouble saying
    certain speech sounds correctly.

Speech and Language
Therapy Guide

$ 59
  • For children who say more than 50 words and need help with a variety of speech and language skills.

Jump Start Your
Late Talker eBook

$ 59
  • For children who say fewer than 50 words and aren’t putting two words together yet.

Medical SLPs

Coming soon!

Private Practice SLPs

Guide to Private Patients

$ 97
  • Everything you need to know to start treating your own
    private clients with confidence.​

Set Your Hourly Rate

$ 19
  • A Guided Process To Help Private Practitioners Determine
    a Rate That’s Fair To You AND Your Clients