Speech-in-a-Box Materials

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Labels & Visuals


Labels & Visuals

PDF download of labels for your kit + visual aids to make your sessions run smoother!
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Articulation Set


Articulation Set

PDF download of everything you need to do articulation therapy
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Language Cards


Language Cards

PDF download of Carrie's Favorite cards and visuals for working on language skills.
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Get the Labels & Visuals, Articulation Set, and Language Cards. Buy together and save!
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Labels and Visuals

Download the PDFs that include the labels for making this kit.  Plus, you’ll get our speech room rules, behavior visual aids, speech sound warm up, and blank sentence strips!

Articulation Set

Download the PDFs for our All-In-One Articulation Program and Materials Kit!  It’s everything you need to do articulation therapy!

Carrie's Favorite Language Cards

Download the PDFs for all of Carrie’s favorite card sets for working on language skills!  This is what Carrie keeps in her own speech box.


Looking for it all?  This option will give you everything you see here!  The labels and visuals, the articulation set, and the language cards bundle!  (Box not included!  Buy the box here with our affiliate link – size medium)

Need to know where to buy the box and other materials?  Check out our blog post all about putting this thing together!  www.slpsolution.com/speech-box

What's Included?

  1. Labels: The first section contains labels in a few different sizes that you can use to label the outside of your box as well as the individual sections for speech, language, and reinforcements. Feel free to use whichever ones fit on YOUR box!
  2. Sentence Strips: It’s impossible to pack along everything you could possibly need for your speech/language therapy sessions. These sentence strips serve as a great back-up when you need to create a quick visual for your clients.  Laminate these bad boys and then throw a dry erase marker in with them.
  3. Speech Rules: Next, we have a set of speech rules you can use during your sessions. These basic rules cover the majority of behaviors that you may encounter during your sessions.
  4. Behavior Visual Aids: This set of visual aids will help keep your client’s behavior on track during your sessions. Use these in conjunction with the rules for maximum efficacy.
  5. Speech Warm-Up: Sometimes we need a nice activity to get us in the mood for working on speech. Instead of non-speech oral motor exercises, use this speech sound stimulability warm-up.  It will help focus the child’s attention on his speech while improving sound stimulability, which we know can have a positive effect on intelligibility.

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  1. Articulation Screener: Quickly and Easily Screen New Children
    • Ready-to-go pictures on 37 cards can be linked together for easy screenings on the go.
    • The easy-to-use data sheet will allow you to keep data on how well the child is able to produce all English speech sounds as well as various word structures.
  2. Full Set of Articulation Cards: Save Planning Time by Using Pre-Made Articulation Cards
    • Smaller cards for easy sorting and storage. Have all of your articulation cards at your fingertips without having to lug around a huge box of cards!
    • Cards for CV, VC, CVC, and CVCV word structures so you can easily work with lower functioning children who need simpler words.
    • Cards for all speech sounds including blends and 2, 3, and 4-syllable words so you will be able to work with children at any level of therapy.
  3. Easy for Parents to Follow (Homework Program Creation): Help students make faster progress by sending home homework.
    • Pre-Made worksheets can be sent home for each sound in each word position, saving you planning time and helping students make faster progress.
    • All pages and instruction sheets are written in a way that parents can understand so all you have to do is copy whatever you’re working on and sent it home. Effortless!
  4. Ready-to-Go Therapy Activities: Whip out a worksheet or activity for the level at which the child is working.
    • Sound in Isolation: Flashcards for each sound and elicitation techniques
    • Syllable Level: Speech spiders for creating non-sense syllables
    • Word Level: Activity ideas to make working with flashcards more fun
    • Phrase Level: Phrase generator for use with articulation cards
    • Structured Conversation: Prompts with pictures for practicing sounds in structured conversation
    • Generalization and Carry-Over: Worksheets and Activities for promoting better carry-over at home, in the classroom, and in therapy
  5. Help for Children Who Don’t Fit the Mold: Materials for lower and higher skill levels as well.
    • CV, VC, CVC, and CVCV word flashcards and worksheets help children who are struggling with simple word structures.
    • 2-, 3-, and 4-syllable word flashcards help children who are doing well with simple words but need more of a challenge.
    • Sound blends flashcards help children who are struggling to put two consonants together.
    • 5-Step process for getting a child to stop mumbling.

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  1. Basic Vocab/Wh– Question Cards: These cards have photos of common objects from several different categories, including vehicles, foods, clothes, etc. The back of each card is packed with yes/no and wh– questions related to that item.  These are great for vocab development, categorization, comprehension, and answering questions.
  2. Basic Emotions AAC Board: This simple 12-picture AAC board is great for working on identifying emotions and using simple sentences to describe how you or someone else is feeling. You can leave this as one full AAC board, or cut the squares apart and use them as visual prompts for non-AAC users.
  3. Basic 12-Picture AAC Board: Our 12-picture AAC board has several great words that are excellent for targeting in therapy for a child working on functional communication. Words like “stop” and “go” or “my turn”/”your turn” are great for children who are learning how to communicate.  Leave this as one full AAC board, or cut the squares apart for each transportation and just pull out a single card to use as a visual aid when encouraging a child to use one of these words.
  4. Sequencing & Following Directions Cards: We’ve broken several common activities into step-by-step sequences. Cut these cards apart and lay them in front of a child.  Help the child build the sequence and then describe what’s going on.  This is great for children who need to work on forming full, grammatically correct sentences, as well as those who need to work on sequencing, memory, and recall.  This pack also contains cards for following simple, non-routine directions.
  5. Verb Cards: Picture cards that contain a variety of verbs being performed. These are great for building sentences/stories, working on grammatical structures such as present progressive “-ing”, and developing new vocabulary.
  6. Past Tense Verb Cards: These cards contain before and after pictures for a variety of verbs. Show the child the “before” picture on the front, then turn it over and show the “after” picture.  Ask the child “what happened”?  Great for targeting that past tense and using grammatically correct sentences.
  7. Maintaining a Conversation Toolbox: This simple worksheet will help a child learn how to maintain a conversation with several different tools. Simply cut apart the squares and store them in your therapy kit.  Pull out one to practice with a child who is struggling to maintain conversations.  Once he has mastered a few, lay a couple of them in front of him during a conversation and instruct him to refer to them during the conversation as he needs help.
  8. Talking During Play Cards: These cards are similar to the item above but they are intended for younger children. There are four simple choices for how to talk to your friend during play.

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  1. The Labels and Visuals Set
  2. The Full Articulation Program and Materials Kit eBook
  3. The Language Card Bundle

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