Review: Throat Scope Light-Up Tongue Depressors

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What Are Throat Scopes?

Throat Scopes are illuminated tongue depressors that have single-use blades that you can use for your oral mech exams and work with clients.  Free up an extra hand for oral exams.  As the light source is located inside the mouth, Throat Scope allows for a clear view of the throat, teeth, tongue, palate and gums. Kiddos love it too, think of it as a Light Saber or magic wand.

Our Rating:

Highly Recommended!

How Will it Make My Job Easier?

Overall Job Improvement Score:

Reduces Stress
A Little
Saves Time
A Little
Boosts Your Knowledge/Confidence
Helps with Planning/Prep Work
Helps with Paperwork
Improves Quality of Therapy

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What Carrie Thinks:

These things are so cool! They make it super easy to see what you’re doing without needing a separate tongue depressor and pen light. Plus, my clients LOVE them because they look like magic wands and/or lightsabers. Even my more reluctant kids are happy to do some oral positioning work when it looks this cool!
Carrie Clark, CCC-SLP
Founder, SLP Solution


Illuminated Tongue Depressor, Retraction Tool and Head & Neck Cancer Early Detection Tool

Throat Scope includes a Reusable Light Handle that slides onto a Single Use Tongue Depressor.  Throat Scope integrates a natural light source to provide complete intraoral illumination for improved patient examination and outcomes.  Throat Scope provides patient compliance, versatility and flexibility to complete a thorough Intraoral Examination.  Free up an extra hand for oral exams. As the light source is located inside the mouth, Throat Scope allows for a clear view of the throat, teeth, tongue, palate and gums. Kiddos love it too, think of it as a Light Saber or magic wand.

Key features:

  • United States Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) Approved
  • Entered into the Australian Register for Therapeutic Goods (TGA)
  • European Conformity (CE) Marked
  • Designed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination – blades are approved for single-use only
  • Single-use blades are recyclable, so we encourage you to recycle them! ♻️
  • Light handle provides natural light output for tissue examination and diagnosis (CRI: 90)
  • Handle provides 20 hours of constant illumination – about 2-3 years of regular use
  • Handle includes one-year replacement warranty

This is a medical device that was created for all types of medical professionals who do intraoral examinations and work.  However, for our purposes, we especially like it for speech-language professionals who do oral mechanism examinations or who need a fun, illuminated tool to help children find the correct oral postures and placements for sound production.

What Is It?

  • Throat Scope is the all-in-one illuminating tongue depressor, retraction tool, and early head & neck cancer detection tool.
  • Throat Scope is a product of Holland Healthcare, Inc. Throat Scope was invented by Australian mom Jennifer Holland. After a traumatic experience with her child at the doctor’s office, Jennifer had the idea for Throat Scope. Throat Scope was first featured on Shark Tank Australia.

Topics Covered:

  • Feeding
  • Oral Motor
  • Speech Sounds


This device is very high quality and comes with a one-year replacement warranty on the handle/light.


  • Starter Kit: $19.99
  • Starter Kit + 50 Single Use Depressors: $29.99
  • 50 Replacement Blades: $14.99
  • Yearly Subscription: $170.00/year

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How to Purchase:

You can purchase from their website at  You can also purchase through Amazon, Super Duper, Talk Tools, and many other companies.  Click here to view a full list of distributors.

How is it Delivered?

From their website: Physical goods may be delivered by reputable courier companies. Deliveries are processed promptly upon receipt of full payment. Delivery may take between 2 and 14 days, depending on the delivery option. Damaged or lost orders should be resolved with the courier company directly and we are not responsible for goods that are damaged in transit or not received. Replacement of damaged or lost items is made at the sole discretion of Throat Scope Pty Ltd.

Refund Policy: 

According to their website: Should you wish to return your order, please notify us within 7 days of purchase with a valid reason for return. If we are unable to resolve your complaint or further assist you, we will process a refund upon timely receipt of the goods purchased. Unopened goods maybe be refunded in full however ThroatScope Pty Ltd and its agents have sole discretion as to whether a return will be accepted. Refunds will be processed promptly and payment made by the same method that you made payment. All refunds are made at the discretion of Throat Scope Pty Ltd.

Throat Scope has very responsive customer service and is available via phone in the US and Australia.  You can also email them or submit an inquiry on their website.

Amazon: 4.9/5 Stars
Facebook: 5/5 (15 Reviews)
Talk Tools: 5/5


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How Will This Improve My Job?

Overall Job Improvement Score:

What Does This Number Mean?  

Here at The SLP Solution, we’re all about keeping it real and helping make your job a little easier.  So we include a “job improvement rating” with every review that we do.  For reference, a score of zero would mean that it doesn’t really improve the quality of your job any, but it may still be fun to have.  A score of 100 would be the equivalent of hiring someone else to do your job for you while you sipped piña coladas on the beach.  We’ll let you know when we find a product like that!  Check out how Throat Scope can improve your job below:

Reduces Stress
A Little

You may notice that the scores on the Throat Scope are a little lower than some of the other products and services we’ve reviewed.  That’s not because we love it less!  That’s because it only does one thing…but it does it very well!  This handy little tool will reduce your stress A LOT when it comes to getting children to move their mouths a certain way.  Children seem to LOVE these things and will do just about anything you ask them to do as long as you use your “magic wand” or “light saber”.  But, it’s not going to reduce your stress on some other aspects of your job like collaborating with others or having to do bus duty.  So for that, it gets the rating of  “a little”.

Helps with Planning/Prep Work

This isn’t a planning or prep tool, unless you consider that when you have a light-up tongue depressor, you may not need to plan an activity at all.  These things are fun all by themselves!

Saves Time
A Little

Have you ever had a client hold out and refuse to do something with his mouth that you need him to do?  Well, this isn’t really a magic wand but it often works like one!  I’ve seen stubborn children open right up when you pull out the light-up tongue depressor!  So while it may not save you time in every area of your job, it will definitely save you time on those oral mech exams and with your oral motor work.

Helps with Paperwork

We sure do wish that this light-up tongue depressor could write our reports for us but they can’t.  Maybe in the next version…?  But getting a good look inside a client’s mouth may help when it comes to you writing that report.

Boosts Your Knowledge/Confidence

You may feel cooler when you use a light-up tongue depressor but it’s not going to teach you anything.

Improves Quality of Therapy

This tool will definitely improve the quality of your oral mech exams and your oral motor work with clients.  However, it won’t make your therapy better in other areas (unless you get really creative) so for that, it gets a rating of “some”.  But we really do love this for oral motor work!

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