Random Speech Sounds Activity Generator

Need some ideas for therapy today?  Below is your randomly generated therapy activity!  Not what you’re looking for?  Refresh this page to get a new activity idea!

And Your Random Activity Is…

Stop Mumbling Activity


Description: Let's practice speaking clearly!  Choose a few single words and have the child practice over-articulating them.  Make sure the child is exaggerating all sounds in those words.  Once he can do that, move up to over-articulating in short phrases.  You can say them first or have the child read them from a worksheet like this one.  Next, you'll practice over-articulating in sentences and structured conversation.  Once the child is very good at over-articulating on command, you'll want to work on teaching him to over-articulate when it is needed.  This would include learning to recognize when someone doesn't understand you and responding to cues provided by a teacher or caregiver.

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