Random Speech Sounds Activity Generator

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And Your Random Activity Is…

Why I Come to Speech Activity for Speech


Description: Using a workbook like the one above, or making your own, ask the child a series of questions that will lead him toward self-discovery of why he comes to speech therapy.  Start with general questions like "what are your interests", "what are your strengths", and "what are your weaknesses".  Then get into questions that are more specific to the child's individual deficits, like "what speech sounds do you have trouble saying".  Guide the child with leading questions about why it's important to work on those speech sounds, like "what happens if someone can't understand what I'm saying" or "what do I want to do in life that would be hard to do if I couldn't be understood".  Try to help the child uncover some intrinsic motivation for working on his speech sounds.  I'm confident that you'll see much faster progress once the child sees what's in it for him.

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