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Video Modeling Activity


Description: Children who are struggling with social skills and interactions may benefit from video modeling.  Video modeling is like a social story, in that it describes the expected behavior and/or language for a specific situation.  However, instead of just reading about it, the child gets to watch a video of himself doing the actual skill.  It works like magic for many children!  But, it's a little bit tricky to do.  First you need to decide what the skill is that you want the child to learn.  Plan out what it would look like if the child did it perfect.  Next, video record the child doing this skill with as much prompting as you need in order to help him be successful.  Later, you'll go back in and edit out all of the times you had to help the child.  You can do this with a simple video editing tool on your tablet or computer.

For example, if you want the child to learn how to walk up to a friend and say "can I play", then you will turn on the camera and tell the child to walk up to the other child (who is playing).  Next, you'll say "Say, 'Can I play'?".  Then, the child will repeat you.  Then, prompt the other child to say "yes" and prompt them both to sit down and play.  Once you get back to your computer, you'll simply edit out all of the parts where you prompted him or told him what to say.  It may look a little choppy once you take those parts out, but the child won't mind.  He's not expecting cinematic quality here! For the full video modeling checklist, click the link below.  Or, just go play around with some video editing software and HAVE FUN!  This can be a super cool way to teach new skills and behaviors quickly and easily.

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