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Learning Idioms Activity



Description: Children with autism and other social language impairments often have difficulty understanding figurative language and idioms.  For this activity, you'll work on identifying idioms and deciphering their meaning.  First, give the child a paragraph that includes an idiom.  If the child can read, have him read it aloud.  Or, you can read it for him.  Then, point out the idiom.  Ask the child what he thinks was meant by the idiom.  I like to give the child multiple choice answers. I always make sure that one answer is the literal meaning of the idiom (for example, if the idiom is "hang on" then one option is that the speaker wants someone to actually hang on to something).  Then, have a few detractors and the actual meaning of the idiom.  Help the child choose the right one and then go back and read it again to help the child further comprehend it's meaning.  You can even extend this to having the child use the idiom in his own scenario or speech.  You can use our pre-made multiple choice questions for idioms, or make your own!

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