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Identifying Emotions from Cartoons Activity


Description: Have you ever noticed that it is often easier for our clients to identify emotions in cartoons before they're able to identify them in photos of real people?  There's a reason for this!  When we draw cartoon characters with various emotions, we tend to over-exaggerate the features that indicate the emotion.  Looking at a human face, you'll find the cues more subtle than when looking at a cartoon.  If you have a child who is struggling to learn basic emotional vocabulary words, start with some cartoon faces, like the ones above.  (You can download our page using the link below, or make your own with a Google Image search!)  Start with the top row and work on receptive identification first and then move on to expressive labeling.  Once the child can do the main three, start adding the others in one at a time.  Make sure to do a full activity for each emotion where you talk about the emotion, give some pretend scenarios where that emotion would be expressed (use dolls or stuffed animals for this), and practice making that face in the mirror.

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