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Breaking Words into Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words Activity


Description: Let's break down some words!  One word attack strategy that is very effective is learning how to break words down into common prefixes, root words, and suffixes.  It's often helpful to just start with either prefixes or suffixes for a while and then add in the other.  But this activity will help you break apart words that have all three!  Show the child how the prefix is at the beginning and the suffix is at the end.  But make sure they know that the root word needs to be a real word on its own.  Sometimes our clients get a little over-excited at this point and start pulling out prefixes or suffixes where they don't exist.  Once you've explained the process, you can practice by writing out words that have either a prefix or a suffix (or both).  Help the child underline the root word and circle the prefixes or suffixes.  Then, talk about what each part of the word means and how they work together to make a whole concept.

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