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Auditory Training for Children with Hearing Loss Activity


Description:  Children with hearing loss often need to work on auditory training.  One great idea for this is to grab a speech screen.  You can make a cheap one by buying an embroidery hoop and some speaker mesh to spread across it.  Then, hold the screen in front of your face.  The sound waves will travel right through but the child won't be able to rely on lip-reading for the auditory training tasks.  Start out by placing a few pictures cards in front of the child.  You can use artic cards or anything else you have that depicts a specific word.  Say one of the words with the speech screen in front of your mouth and have the child pick out which word you said. Start easy with only a few choices and words that sound entirely different.  Then, gradually work toward having more choices on the board and words that sound very similar.  You can continue to work up the auditory training hierarchy that is laid out above.  For a full hour-long webinar about this topic, join the membership by clicking on the link below:

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