Random Fluency/Stuttering Activity Generator

Need some ideas for therapy today?  Below is your randomly generated therapy activity!  Not what you’re looking for?  Refresh this page to get a new activity idea!

And Your Random Activity Is…

Stuttering Desensitization Activity


Description: Practicing stuttering on purpose in a variety of situations can help take some of the fear out of stuttering.  For this activity, write a list of prompts that encourage your client to stutter on purpose in situations that grow increasingly more stressful (or use our pre-made list here).  For example, the first one on your list might be stuttering on purpose in front of your mirror in your bedroom when you're alone.  And the last one on the list would be stuttering on purpose while giving a presentation to her peers.  You'll walk them through a series of easier activities while you boost her confidence and help her see that it's ok to stutter.  You can increase the difficulty level gradually by first having her stutter on purpose with just you in the room and then either add more people to your room or take her out to talk to other people in the school or your office building.  You can even make a phone call and pseudo stutter on the phone.  The key is to move slowly so that you don't overwhelm your client.

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