Random Fluency/Stuttering Activity Generator

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And Your Random Activity Is…

Practicing Fluency-Shaping Techniques Activity


Description: Let's work on some fluency-shaping techniques!  Explain to your client that fluency-shaping strategies are techniques that you can use to practice speaking without stuttering. He won’t use these all of the time when he talks, but instead he'll just practice them during exercises like this so he can understand what it feels like to speak smoothly and fluently. Then, if he wants, he can use some of these strategies throughout the day when he's feeling particularly dysfluent or stuck.  Next, you'll practice the various techniques using a hierarchy such as the one in our worksheets above.  You'll start with using the technique in single words, then sentences, and then while reading a passage or paragraph.  Here are a few different fluency-shaping strategies you can use: slow speech, continuous phonation, prolongation of syllables, easy onset, and light articulatory touch.

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