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Discovering Emotions about Stuttering Activity


Description: Do you have a client with some negative emotions surrounding stuttering?  One great way to discover what those emotions are and help the child overcome them, is to ask some questions and truly listen.  Start with questions like "what are your strengths" and "what are your interests".  Then move into questions like "what things do you struggle with" and "how do you feel about talking".  Ask the child to describe his stutter and ask him what emotions he feels when he stutters.  Keep asking those deep questions, including things like "what makes my stuttering better/worse" and "how does my stuttering impact me socially".  Listen to the answers and write them down but don't judge.  Even if the child says something that is factually wrong, don't correct him yet.  Just listen.  Once you get through the whole process, then you can analyze where the negative emotions lie and if there are any fallacies in the child's thinking that can be corrected by additional education about stuttering or by further analyzing his own stuttering.  You can write your own questions or use the ones that we've written in this workbook:

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