Random Fluency/Stuttering Activity Generator

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And Your Random Activity Is…

Practicing Preparatory Sets Activity


Description: Explain to your client that a preparatory set is how you prepare for a word that you are anticipating a stutter on.  You'll first need to identify which fluency-shaping technique is most effective for the client you're working with.  You'll advise your client to use that strategy when she's expecting to stutter on a specific word.  That might mean using a light articulatory touch, constant phonation, or just elongating the first sound of the word.  Try a few different ways to see what feels right for this particular client.  Then, practice that strategy when reading sentences.  Write a few sentences (or use the ones from this worksheet) that have specific words written with the first sound stretched out.  Advise your client that she will pretend that's a word she's going to stutter on and use the preparatory set technique that you discussed.  Once she can do that, you'll want to encourage her to try this with some pseudo-stuttering (on purpose) and then eventually in real moments of stuttering.

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