Random Fluency/Stuttering Activity Generator

Need some ideas for therapy today?  Below is your randomly generated therapy activity!  Not what you’re looking for?  Refresh this page to get a new activity idea!

And Your Random Activity Is…

Practicing Cancellations Activity


Description: First, teach the steps to a cancellation.  Teach the child that this is the stuttering modification strategy that you use after a moment of dysfluency when you need to start over.  Here's how this looks:

  1. Stop the stutter and pause. Take a deep breath if you need to.
  2. Identify any areas that are tight. Check your tongue, mouth, jaw, neck, face, etc. Relax anything that needs to be relaxed.
  3. Start that word again but this time, use an easy onset (stretch out the first sound and ease into the word) or use light articulatory touches (don’t push hard with your tongue or lips) to ease through the difficult word.
Now, it's time to practice!  Start by having the child read simple sentences, like the ones on this page.  The sentences should include a stutter, a pause, and then a "re-do" with a sound stretched out or made light.  Once the child can do simple sentences, work up to having him practice the technique with pseudo stutters and eventually with real stutters.

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