Random Autism Activity Generator

Need some ideas for therapy today?  Below is your randomly generated therapy activity!  Not what you’re looking for?  Refresh this page to get a new activity idea!

And Your Random Activity Is…

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Description: Getting started with AAC?  Need some ideas to get you started?  There are so many different types of AAC.  For this therapy activity, take a look at the different types of AAC and decide which ones would be good to try with the child you're working with.  Here are the different types:

  • Gestures/Body Language
  • Sign Language
  • Object Symbols
  • Picture Boards
  • Picture Exchange
  • Written Message
  • Single-Button Voice-Output Device
  • Multi-Button Voice-Output Device
  • Dynamic-Display Voice-Output Device
For more information about those types of AAC, you can download our cheat sheet above by clicking the link below.

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