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Tools for Extending Conversations Activity


Description:  We're always so excited when we finally teach an older child to initiate a conversation!  But then we realize that they may be able to initiate that conversation with a peer but they can't maintain it.  Here's where this activity comes in.  We can give our clients a toolbox of different strategies that they can use to continue a conversation that is already in progress.  Those tools include:

  • Ask a question
  • Answer a question
  • Tell a fact
  • Give an opinion
  • Ask an opinion
  • Tell a story
  • Ask them for a story
  • Talk about something similar
You'll need to make sure that your client practices how to use these strategies while staying on topic or making smooth topic transitions.  Practice these in role play scenarios first before moving them on to actual conversations with peers.  You can download our toolbox using the link below, or make your own!

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