Random AAC/Non-Verbal Activity Generator

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And Your Random Activity Is…

Stop-Go AAC Activity


Description: If you're working with a nonverbal or minimally verbal child, I've found nothing more motivating that the stop/go board...assuming you can find the right motivators.  The words "stop" and "go" are magical because they can be used in a lot of different contexts and they can be very powerful for a child who is learning that he can have control over his environment.  My favorite way to do this is with sensory activities.  Observe the child and see what types of sensory input the child gravitates toward.  Does he like riding bikes?  Swinging on swings?  Jumping on a trampoline?  Spinning?  Watching light-up toys?  Ask the OT or other caregivers as well.  Find something that the child finds incredibly motivating.  Then, get out a simple go/stop board like this one.  Touch the "go" picture and say "go" out loud, then start the sensory activity.  You could light up the toy, wind up a robot, push him on the swing, bounce him on an exercise ball, or whatever else he wants.  Then, touch and say "stop" and stop the activity.  If the child looks expectant, prompt him to touch and say "go" to get it going again.  Keep modeling and helping him until he's able to push go himself.  You can download our stop/go board below, or make your own!

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