/r/ Homework: How to Work on the /r/ Sound at Home
(No Prep Kit)

Need some homework help for the /r/ sound?  We have you covered!  This packet includes everything you need to send home homework for the /r/ sound

Includes Homework Pages for:

  • Every type of /r/ in isolation (initial /r/, /r/ vowels, /rl/, and /r/ blends)
  • Every type of /r/ in syllables
  • Every type of /r/ in single words
  • Every type of /r/ in short phrases
  • Every type of /r/ in sentences
  • Reading and retelling passages for practicing /r/
  • Structured Conversation Prompts for /r/
  • Carry-Over/Generalization for /r/

/r/ is a particularly tricky sound when it comes to learning speech sounds.  This sound requires very complex tongue movements to master and can be produced two different ways.   

This homework kit is designed to be sent home as homework to reinforce the /r/ sound after it has been established in speech therapy sessions with a licensed speech-language professional.  This kit should not be used in place of therapy but rather along side therapy.  Homework pages should not be sent home with a child until the child has already mastered that particular skill/step in therapy.  For example, the /r/ in isolation worksheet should not be sent home until the child is successfully able to produce /r/ in isolation in therapy and has moved on to /r/ in syllables in the therapy session with the SLP. 

These homework sheets are designed to be sent home to reinforce a skill that the child has already been mastered in speech therapy sessions. 

Age Range: This packet is great for any child who is not yet speaking or is not yet speaking many words and may require some augmentative-alternative communication.

This kit is broken into several sections to help you easily find the worksheets that you are looking for. We have included worksheets for every level you may be working at. Here are your choices:

  • Worksheets for Each Individual Type of /r/: initial /r/, “er”, “ear”, “air”, “ar”, “or”, “ire”, “rl”, /r/ blends (up through the sentence level) 
  • Mixed /r/: Worksheets with all of the types of /r/s mixed together (up through the sentence level) 
  • Reading and Retelling: Great for clients who have mastered the /r/ sound up through sentences and need to move on to a more complex level. 
  • Structured Conversation: For clients who are ready to practice focusing on their /r/ sound for five minutes at a time while answering open-ended questions. 
  • Unstructured Conversation: A speech challenge to teach parents how to use positive reinforcement to increase use of the new /r/ sound in natural conversation.

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