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Overview of Natural Language Acquisition

Presented by: Anna Dare, M.A., CF-SLP

Thursday, December 8th, 2022 @ 4:00 PM CST


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By the End of This Webinar, You Will Be Able To: 

  • Define analytic language development and gestalt language development
  • List the stages of Natural Language Acquisition and identify characteristics of those stages
  • List examples of mitigable gestalts
  • Show how to determine what stage of NLA an individual is in
  • Define child-led therapy and its importance for NLA

Our Presenter:

Anna Dare, M.A., CF-SLP 

Anna Dare is a speech-language pathologist who is NLA trained through the Meaningful Speech Course. Anna recognized early on in her career that the approaches to language therapy did not support those who communicate with echolalia. She has worked to educate coworkers and parents about the NLA framework to best support children on their way to self-generated language. Anna currently works at a private practice in Columbia, MO where she provides services to gestalt language processors. She has also contracted with schools and identified gestalt language processors. Her goal is to continue to show others that there are two ways to process language and how one can best support everyone.

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