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Better Therapy, Faster Results

Therapy Activity Database

With our step-by-step therapy plans, worksheets, and resources, your therapists will be able to provide highly-effective therapy.

Increased Productivity

SLP Planning Central

All the tools and resources your SLPs need to help you with evals, goal-writing, data collection, and more!

Fulfill Cont. Ed. Requirements

On-Demand Continuing Ed.

Monthly webinars for Certification Maintenance Hours will fulfill your SLPs continuing education requirements as well!

Fast Answers and Help

Access to Support Community

Your SLPs will get the help and answers they need quickly with direct support from our SLP Staff and Community so they can get back to serving their clients.

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What's Included:

Your monthly or yearly membership to The SLP Solution will include all of these resources for speech-language pathologists who work with children…


Materials and Courses that Fit Your Schedule

  • No-Prep Therapy Kits: For when you just have no time (Different kits available each month)
  • Therapy Activity Database: For when you have a little time to look into a topic (new worksheets added monthly)
  • Continuing Education Courses: For when you actually have the time to dig deep into a topic


Support When You Need It

  • Online Group: Ask questions, share ideas, find like-minded professionals to connect with
  • “Small Talk” Group Discussions: Hop on one of our monthly group calls about a specific topic to share ideas and ask questions.
  • Town Hall: Join an online meeting to discuss how we can improve our community and the profession at large!

Get Organized

Courses and Resources to Help You Work Smarter

  • SLP Planning Center: A full library of tools and PDFS to help you get organized, including sample goals and data collection sheets
  • SLP Survival Kit: Follow this course to build your own SLP Survival Kit full of ready-to-go therapy activities (use in case of last-minute therapy emergencies!)
  • Other Organizational Courses: Coming Soon! More self-paced courses to help get you organized.

Tools & Discounts

Save Time and Money with our Product Recommendations

  • 30% off eBooks and PDFs: All ebooks and PDFs sold by Speech and Language Kids or The SLP Solution are 30% off for members
  • Discounts on Other Tools: We’ve reached out to our favorite SLP companies and secured you some sweet discounts on other products we love!
  • Product Recommendations: Save time scouring the internet for the best resources!  We’ve compiled our favorites for you.

What Others are Saying:

Choose a Plan:

3-6 Members

$ 200 Per Member Yearly
  • Save $50 Per Member!

7-14 Members

$ 150 Per Member Yearly
  • Save $100 Per Member!

15+ Members

$ 100 Per Member Yearly
  • Save $150 Per Member!
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Explore Our Features Further:

We know you don’t have enough time.  That’s why we’re creating new “No Prep Therapy Kits” every month.  These kits will give you everything you need to do therapy from start to finish for one skill.  

Which Kits are Included in the Membership: 

Every month we choose a new theme for The SLP Solution membership.  Our themes include large areas of therapy like speech, language, fluency, social skills, etc.  

Each month, the kits that are available for the chosen topic will be available to members for free.  At the end of that month, those kits will be taken down and new ones will be added for the following month’s theme.  The longer you stay, the bigger your library of kits can grow!


What’s Included in the Kits?

  • Lesson Plans that Break the Skill Down into Manageable Phases
  • Sample Goals
  • Data Collection Sheets
  • Drill & Practice Pages for Every Phase
  • No-Prep Games for Every Phase
  • Homework Sheets for Every Phase

If you’ve ever wondered what the most effective way to teach a specific skill is or to treat a specific problem, then you’re going to love the Therapy Activity Database! We’ve broken down 100+ communication skills into step-by-step guides that walk you through exactly what to do in therapy.  That’s right, we’ve done the task analysis for you on all of these skills and then provided you the actual therapy activity ideas, worksheets, and resources you need to do it.  Plus, we’re adding new workhseets and skills every month!  Let me show you how it works!  Just click one of our 12 main categories here:

Then, you’ll come to a page like this with sub-categories and specific skills:


Once you select a specific skill, you’ll come to a page like this one where you’ll be able to see the step-by-step task analysis of how to do therapy for that particular condition.  You’ll also find therapy activities, resources, and worksheets for each step of the process.  Finally, we finish each skill page off with some troubleshooting tips in case your situation isn’t quite textbook.

We’ve done this process with over one hundred skills so far and we’re adding new ones each month.  You’re sure to find something here to help you determine the best and most effective way to help your clients.

Need some continuing ed? We have you covered! Each month, we choose one topic to have an in-depth training with the latest evidence-based practices. As a member, you will be able to watch the training live and ask questions or watch a recorded version of the training afterwards.  After watching the webinar, you have the option to take a 10-question quiz for continuing education credit.  If you pass with at least 80% accuracy, you will be able to print out a certificate of completion for certification maintenance hours (CMH).  These work like CEUs but we can’t register them with ASHA for you.  You’ll need to keep track of your certificate and submit one form to ASHA at the end of the year that contains all of your CMH credits.  

For more information about how CMH hours work, please click here!

We’re adding at least one new hour-long CMH per month and we’ll be adding additional ones as we go along. That’s everything you need to get your 30 ASHA-required hours per 3-year cycle! 


Continuing Education Courses: 

We’re in the process of adding additional continuing education opportunities through our Continuing Education Courses.  These will include a series of videos plus resources that will give you a more in-depth understanding of a specific topic.  Then, you’ll be able to take one quiz at the end of the whole thing instead of multiple quizzes along the way.

Let’s face it, even with all this support, you’re still going to have those tricky cases when you just don’t know what to do next. We have a solution for that as well! As a member of The SLP Solution, you’ll have two different ways to get answers to your tough questions:

  1. Exclusive Facebook Group
    Hop into our exclusive Facebook group and ask your question in there. Carrie directly answers member questions in the group as do the other SLP staff members for The SLP Solution. Plus, you’ll get answers from anyone else in the group who has experience with that topic!  We can’t tell you directly what to do since we haven’t seen your particular client.  But we can tell you what we’ve tried in the past or point you toward evidence-based practices and pre-made resources.
  2. Forum in the Membership Area
    Not on Facebook? No problem! You can also ask questions using the forum inside the membership area.
Meet Our Full Staff!
We have a full staff of SLPs who are paid to answer your questions and create new therapy activities and webinars for you each month.  To learn more about our staff, scroll down to the next section, “Meet Our Full Staff”!

As I mentioned above, we choose one topic to focus on each month.  At the end of every month, we hold an online event called a “Small Talk”.  This will be a group discussion where we’ll discuss the topic of the month.  You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, share ideas, and learn from the others in the group.  We’ll talk about the resources shared during the month, the webinar that was presented by our resident expert, and more!  Watch from your computer and chime in when you feel comfortable.

If you could change one aspect of our profession, what would it be?  More support?  More reasonable caseloads?  Better resources for our clients?

We at The SLP Solution feel like A LOT can be done to make our profession better and we’re motivated to see that happen.  We want all speech-language professionals to feel included and supported and to love every day of their job.  That’s why we’re setting aside time to specifically take a look at how we can improve our community and services but also how we can improve our profession as a whole.  If you have a passion to help and the notion that the world could be a better place, come join us and work together toward change!

Now let’s talk about your planning time.  We’ve covered what to do in therapy in our Therapy Activity Database, but what about all of the other aspects of your job?  A ton goes into being a speech-language pathologist aside from just doing the therapy.  The therapy is usually the part we love!  It’s all of this other stuff that gets in the way.  And when you have a caseload of 87 kids and about 15 minutes per week to plan, there just aren’t enough hours in the work day.  

That’s why we’ve created the SLP Planning Center!  This amazing database will put tools and resources in your hands that will shorten your planning time and boost your confidence.  What do you need the most help with?  You’ll simply pick a planning area from our list of topics below:

Then, you’ll come to a page like this one where you’ll see specific tools, resources, or supports that will help you with that area of planning:

Just like with the Therapy Activity Database, we’ll be adding more tools to this section as we go along!  We expect that this area will become your go-to spot when that ever-precious, though ever-small slot of planning time comes up in your schedule!

Have you ever had an “Oh Crap!” session? You know, the kind that you either didn’t have time to plan for or you had a great plan and it went terribly awry. Or…Do you find that you just don’t have enough time to plan fun activities for your therapy sessions?

Either way, you NEED the SLP Survival Kit in your life. When you first subscribe to The Speech Therapy Solution membership, we’ll get you set up with your very own SLP survival kit. All you need is a binder/box, dividers, and sheet protectors. I’ll send you the rest. We’ll fill it with ready-to-go worksheets that you can pull out and do in therapy with no prep time. Use it as your backup or reduce planning time by using those materials instead of prepping new activities for each session.

Then, each week I’ll send you a new set of worksheets that you can add to your kit. It will only take you a few minutes per week and you can pick the ones that are relevant to your students. Over time, we’ll build you a fully-customized set of therapy activities that will cover a variety of communication skills. The longer you stay in, the bigger your kit will be and the less time you’ll spend on planning each week!

Did we mention that we want to support you?  And that means helping you out with tools and resources that are NOT a part of our membership as well!  We’re actively working to put together our recommendations for top products and resources in the speech-language pathology world.  And whenever possible, we’re leveraging the power of our large group to get you discounts on those resources!

Members of The SLP Solution will get 30% off all of our eBooks and PDFs at both the Speech and Language Kids website and The SLP Solution site.  In addition, we’re reaching out to other SLP business owners to get you discounts on our favorite tools, resources, and courses.  

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be set up on a payment plan via Paypal or your credit card. Each month, you will be charged the monthly fee. You can cancel at any time and there is no cancellation fee!


We can accept purchase orders from your school! Just send us an invoice from your school with exactly what you would like to purchase and we’ll get everything taken care of. Here’s our information for the invoice:

The SLP Solution
206 Corporate Lake Dr.
Columbia, MO 65203

Business Phone: (888) 982-8412

Send Invoices to:

This membership is for Speech-Language Pathologists/Therapists and Speech-Language Pathology Assistants who work with children as well as other professionals who work with children with speech and language needs. This membership is not for parents because each training video assumes a basic understanding of speech and language concepts and techniques that may be more advanced than many parents are interested in.

As of July 1st, 2019, The SLP Solution is no longer an ASHA-Approved CE Provider.  We spent a lot of time and money to maintain our CE Provider Status for as long as we could but we found that the time and financial commitment was not worth what we were able to get out of it.  For that reason, we decided that our time and money is better spent finding other ways to help our community.  We’re now able to offer you more new resources and planning tools each month than we were when we were working with ASHA.  

You can still get continuing education credit for our webinars though!  Since we are not an approved provider, we can no longer submit your hours directly to ASHA, but you can do it yourself!  We are able to allow you to print of a certificate of completion for certification maintenance hours (CMH). ASHA will allow you to use these types of CMHs for all 30 of your continuing education hours, you just have to fill out a form at the end of your certification cycle to state which CMHs you attended.

For more information about how CMH work, click here!

3-6 Members

$ 200 Per Member Yearly
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15+ Members

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