Free Student Memberships!

Graduate and Undergraduate Students Get Free Memberships!

Love our materials?  Want even more??  We’re now offering free student memberships to graduate and undergraduate students studying speech-language pathology or communication disorders!  This is a free version of the full membership that we offer to other speech-language pathologists/professionals!  Get the resources and support you need to help you treat your clients and pass your classes!

What's Included:

  • Free Membership Until You Graduate!
  • Worksheets
  • Therapy Plans
  • Training Videos
  • Community
  • Discounts

Who Can Join?

This membership is free for any University Students studying communication disorders or speech-language pathology.  We will also grant this to anyone outside of the United States studying in a similar program (we know they have different names across the world!)

Join the membership that over 2,000 speech-language professionals are already using for resources and support!  We’ll give you a free ride until you graduate (and then we’ll give you a hefty discount for your CF year)!  We want to provide you the support and resources you need so you’re not going into this blind.  We’ve all been where you are now and it’s HARD!

How to Sign Up:

  • Submit your Information Using the Form Below
  • We'll verify your information and set up your account manually
  • You'll get an email with your login information!

Students Sign Up Here:


Please allow up to 1 week for processing!
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