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You’re going to love our free resources for SLPs!  We have free worksheets, videos, and a webinar just for you!  Click the button above to sign up, or scroll down to see what’s included!

What's Included:

Free Webinar for ASHA CEU

How to Ethically Use Online Groups to Get Help and Support as an SLP

Have you ever seen a post in an online group or forum and wondered if it was ethical?  Did you know that our professional code of ethics has specific guidelines that relate to how we conduct ourselves online?  The last thing we want is for our members to get into any unethical situations or risk losing their licenses because they’re unfamiliar with the rules and guidelines about using these very popular groups.  That’s why we created a free webinar all about the ethics of using these groups.  And you can get ASHA credit for watching the recording!  ASHA will soon be requiring an ethics course on everyone’s CE transcript, so now’s your chance to get ahead of the curve!

Free Worksheets

No time to plan??  We know!!  That’s why The SLP Solution has a whole slew of pre-made, low-prep therapy activities and materials for you.  We also have tools to help you with your paperwork!  We’ll make sure that you’re always prepared for your sessions, even if your planning time seems to be vanishing before your eyes!

Cancellations for Stuttering Worksheet

Speech Sound Warm Up & Goal-Writing Formula

Speaking Clearly Worksheet

Building 3-Word Utterances Worksheet

Data Collection Sheets for SLPs

Free Videos

It’s impossible for us to know everything that we cover in the field of speech-language pathology!  Our field is SO VAST!  That’s why The SLP Solution has training videos on a variety of topics to help you navigate the topics that you may be less familiar with or need a brush-up on.  Or sometimes you just need to try a new technique with a child who isn’t responding to your standard methods!