“What’s In Your SLP Car” Activity

“What’s In Your SLP Car” Activity



Description: This game is all about what’s in your car.  NO CHEATING!  You are not allowed to take anything out or put anything in until you finish your total.  You may award yourself the following points if you currently have these items in your car right now:

1 Point Awarded For…

  • Each game
  • Each set of flashcards/artic cards, etc.
  • Each children’s book

5 Points Awarded For…

  • A mirror
  • Tongue depressors (5 points total, no matter how many you have) or suckers/dum dums
  • A pretend microphone

10 Points Awarded For…

  • Bubbles
  • A play farm or dollhouse
  • An organization tub/crate/file of some sort

50 Points Awarded For…

  • Not enough room to fit as many passengers as your vehicle is meant to hold
  • So much stuff that you can’t fully see out the back window
  • Enough stuff to run a small school

What’s your total??  Share it in your favorite SLP Facebook group and see if anyone has you beat!

Challenge Your SLP Friends to Join You on this Quest!

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