Start to Finish Articulation Homework

Start to Finish Articulation Homework



Description: This one is fun!  It’s essentially the entire articulation therapy from start to finish in one worksheet/flow chart.  You’ll start the child at the isolation level and keep upping the game until he reaches his maximum ability level.  So to start, have the child say a sound in isolation 10 times.  If he gets at least 8 of those right, time to move up to the next level.  If not, he stops there.  The next level is the sound in 10 nonsense syllables.  If he gets at least 8 right, he moves up.  Get the idea?  Now single words.  If he can say the 10 words, he moves up to phrases, then sentences, then structured conversation.  Keep going until he maxes out.  Then, you can either work at that level for a bit or try another sound.  This is great for stimulability and homework!

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