Speech Sound Carry-Over Challenge

Speech Sound Carry-Over Challenge



Description: Set up a fun activity for the child to do during your session.  Pick out a favorite toy or craft.  Then, explain the rules of the challenge to the child.  You’ll pick one sound (or a class of sounds) to listen for.  Sometimes when you hear the child say it correctly, you’ll give him a token.  At the end of the session he can turn in his tokens for specific rewards (they don’t have to be trinkets of physical rewards, think of experience rewards like dance parties too!).  Let him know that he won’t get one for EVERY correct production, just some (we’re doing intermittent reinforcement).  And if he specifically asks for a token or points out a good production, he doesn’t get it.  Then, proceed with your fun activity as normal.  Award tokens as you see fit and provide plenty of reminders to keep him focused, such as “Hmm…I haven’t heard many good /r/ sounds lately, I hope you can get some more tokens soon!”.  You can download my challenge rules or make up your own!

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