Multiple Choice Idioms Activity

Multiple Choice Idioms Activity


Description: One of my favorite ways to work on idioms is with multiple choice questions.  This helps get children thinking along the right lines before they’re able to do this independently.  For this, you’ll give a brief paragraph where you use the idiom in context.  Then, you offer a few choices of what that idiom might mean in that context.  Here’s an example to get you going:

1. John was super busy. He was talking on the phone with his office while he stirred the soup that was cooking on the stove and starting to burn. His son Billy walked up to him and said “Dad, I need help with my homework”. John replied with “Hang on!”

What did John mean when he said “hang on”?
a) He wanted Billy to hang his homework from the stove.
b) He wanted Billy to figure out his homework on his own.
c) He wanted Billy to wait for a moment until he could help him.
d) He wanted Billy to eat some soup.

I like to make sure that at least one of the options represents a very literal interpretation of the idiom.  That way, we can talk about how it is NOT the literal meaning that the speaker was intending.  You can write your own idiom multiple choice questions or use ours!

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