Decoding Echolalia Activity

Decoding Echolalia Activity



Description: When a child is using echolalia, it’s very important for us to be able to take a look and determine what the purpose of that echolalia is.  For this therapy activity, take some time to observe the child’s echolalia and see if you can figure out what the function is.  Is it because the child doesn’t know enough words to create his own spontaneous utterances?  Is it because the child doesn’t know how to answer questions so he’s repeating?  Take some careful notes about the child’s echolalia and see if you can determine it’s function or purpose.  That will help you decide what type of therapy to try.  For more information about treating echolalia, click the link below to watch a full hour-long webinar recording about figuring out why a child is using echolalia and treating it.

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