Hold a Lamination Party

Hold a Lamination Party     Description: I know that somewhere in your office, or closet, or closet that your administration calls an office, you have a pile of stuff that needs to be laminated and cut.  Am I right?  The best way to handle this is to call all of your dearest family and friends …

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Paperwork Bonfire Activity

Paperwork Bonfire Activity     Description: There’s nothing more cathartic at the end of a hard school year than burning all of your paperwork.  Of course, you’ll need to make sure you’re not burning anything with personal health information on it.  As far as I’m aware, HIPAA has yet to include “personal bonfire” as an approved …

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Tracking Diadochokinetic Rate Following Subsequent Glasses of Wine

Tracking Diadochokinetic Rate Following Subsequent Glasses of Wine Activity     Description: This activity is best done after business hours and with a group of fellow SLPs.  Everyone else will just think you’re weird.  Especially your boss.  For this activity, you’ll start by measuring your diadochokinetic rate for repetitions of “puh”, “tuh”, “kuh”, and “putukuh”.  I …

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Improving Chewing in Toddlers Activity

Improving Chewing in Toddlers Activity     Description: Looking for ways to improve chewing skills in toddlers?  Try these four strategies: Diet Modifications: Making changes to the type of bolus presented, as well as the types of utensils used, and the amount of food presented, can help a ton!  Try different modifications to look for situations that …

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